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Borruso's Pizza & Pasta began as a tiny little take away shop in the suburbs of Cape Town in 1994. This grew into two large and very busy restaurants that are still crazy-busy today. When Borruso's founders Oscar, Jamie, Robyn and Jeff moved to Australia, the cycle began again - a tiny little takeaway shop in Northbridge, a suburb of Sydney that has grown into a busy local restaurant.


Borruso's is a socially aware business that contributes to the local community as well as supporting its major charity, the Eniwe Children's Fund.


Toppings range from simple and light to popular loaded combos. We have been making pizzas for more than 16 years and have had weird and wonderful items on our menus.

We try to keep the menu simple, but we regularly hold competitions with staff and customers to come up with new inspired ideas. These add depth to the old favourites and keep our menu fresh and modern.


Borruso’s is a homely, vibrant 110-seat restaurant, in the heart of Sydney. We've hosted family gatherings, work functions, date-nights and more...

Send us your details below to make a reservation and we'll make sure you have an evening to remember!


Want a quiet night in? Tired of eating microwave meals?

Call us now for quick pick-up options and easy delivery options to Northbridge and surrounding suburbs! All orders over $20 are delivered for free.


The Borruso's team has a strong African heritage and is family oriented, both traditionally and in the modern sense of the word. For these reasons, we have chosen to support the Eniwe Children’s fund.

At some point in our lives, we all take family and food for granted. Eniwe supports children who have neither, by assisting AIDS orphaned children in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

$1 is added to every bill at Borruso’s as a donation to the Eniwe Children's Fund.

These $1 'drips' have filled many buckets of money that have been poured into providing solutions to reduce the collateral damage to AIDS orphans.

If you do not wish to have the dollar added to your bill, that's fine, we are happy to remove it!

If you are a restaurant and would like to help support the Eniwe Children's Fund in the same way, please go to the Eniwe site to find out more!

Every dollar makes a difference...